Edhub goes online!

The Educational Hub went online on January 1st. I’ve been using it for my regular teaching (John Wilson’s pages) and to showcase the educational videos I’ve been working on since I retired (Ano sensei!), and now I’m opening it up to other teachers.

Essentially, it’s a free hosting site for teachers to showcase their materials. I’m starting small – just grapevining, rather than advertising – because I wouldn’t be able to handle a large influx of people wanting to use it, but the long-term aim is to attract as many users as possible.

I’m hoping to establish a nucleus of about a dozen users at this pilot stage, before moving on to advertise it more widely. Any teething difficulties should get sorted out at this stage, and I’ll be able to get a feel of how it will work. Will it be a bunch of teachers who just happen to host their materials on the same site? Or will it become a kind of community of educators, sharing their concerns and airing their views? Obviously, the latter would be more exciting, but only time will tell!

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