Let down by Google

The Fredures search engine is powered by Google Custom Search which, in principle, is a fantastic resource, making it possible to target specified websites in order to get highly focused results.

Unfortunately, however, Google has curtailed one of the most powerful features of its custom search. It used to be possible for the search engine to extract links from web pages. For various reasons, which I won’t go into, this was a fantastic feature for my purposes, and I made extensive use of it when I set up the Fredures search engine a couple of years ago.

However, Google disabled this feature last year, and this changes the whole way these search engines work. I knew the change had happened, but I have only just started to realize how badly it affects the way Fredures works (or doesn’t work)!

I am currently looking at ways round the problem. This sets me back even further than I already am. It seems as if I am taking two steps backwards for every step forwards. My initial target of getting everything running smoothly by the end of January is already impossible. Now I’m wondering whether the new target (to go fully operational sometime in February) is feasible…

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